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The Most Common Roofing Problems in Epsom

Leyburn Construction area more commonly known in the Epsom and Surrey areas for our loft conversions and property extensions. However, as experienced builders, we cover all types of construction and repair work including roofing damage.

We know what an expensive business having your roofing fixed can be, especially when harsh winters add to already existing problems. Here, we help you identify common problems associated with roofing and if they are caught early enough, we can be there to fix them easily and to save customers in Epsom money over the longer term.



Leaks and Moisture


Severe weather conditions can contribute to problems with the roofing of your Epsom home. Depending on the level of water, moisture can build into serious dampness and cause leaks. In the case of flat roofing, large puddles can sometimes appear.


Mould and deep rot could also appear in the roofing structure. If you can see that there’s damage on your roof or tiles are missing. call us immediately. We can replace tiles and repair most types of roofing damage. Even our emergency roofing work will go some way to helping restore your property back to a normal condition.





We’ve found in the past that less experienced builders who have installed loft conversions in Epsom haven’t been too careful when walking across roofing tiles. Sealants have cracked and added weather conditions have subsequently resulted in punctures.


This type of damage also lets in dampness and moisture. Our roofing work and repair services help you avoid unwelcome costs and protect your Epsom home.





Birds and insects can be surprisingly damaging to roofing. While carrying out property extensions for customers in Epsom, we often find bird nests. Birds can cause structural damage and must be moved safely away so we can mend the roofing. Our builders are extremely careful when carrying out any work in and around your Epsom home.





Overhanging trees are a constant concern for homeowners because branches can fall onto the roofing and wipe away shingles or displace tiles. Our roofing experts will be able to remedy the damage and remove all offending branches within reach.


At Leyburn Construction, we know only too well the consequences of roofing damage but with our help, we can stop any further damage efficiently and effectively. Don’t forget that our builders are also here to help property owners in Epsom with loft conversions, property extensions and a complete range of related services.


For more information on roofing services, loft conversions and property extensions in Epsom, call us today and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.